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Suit Resizing

Whatever the reason, fixing your suit and achieving a good fit is important. In fact, professional stylists the world over agree that proper fit is the most important part of any outfit, more than colour, patterns or even material. Spending a few bucks to improve the fit of your suits is often a great investment – when done correctly. If for any reason your suit needs adjustments, contact our Customer Experience team or your local showroom and we will guide you through the process in Which alterations can be done; What can’t be fixed; How much it will cost you; So, can you alter a suit jacket or pants? Of course, but caveat emptor, be aware that difference in tailoring skill can affect outcomes to a very large extent. More importantly, certain alterations are simply prohibitively expensive and may not be worth your hard-earned money. Geography will also play a role in pricing and access to good tailors.