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Wedding Services

Newman Classics helps you look phenomenal on your wedding day. We custom create tailored tuxedos and suits in our London shops. Our team will give you and your groomsmen the luxurious treatment you deserve for this special occasion. We offer a variety of wedding packages that include access to private sales, team fitting events, exclusive rates, convenient group billing, endless personalization options, and other benefits. Bring in your wedding party for a unique Tailored experience. Measurements made with our combination of traditional tape measuring and cutting-edge 3D scanning technology guarantee the perfect fit for all body types and style preferences. We believe that a custom-fit is key to looking your best. Our experienced tailors and craftsmen know how to deliver the highest-quality Tailored tuxedos and suits for your wedding day. Choose from a wide selection of premium fabrics and details to customise the perfect tuxedo. Whether you’re planning a casual, ceremonial, or destination wedding, we can help you achieve the custom look you envision. We design and create suits for both daytime and evening weddings. Invest in a one-of-a-kind bespoke men’s wedding suit that’s tailor-made for your ceremony. The fit is so fantastic, you can wear your custom suit beyond your wedding day at work, corporate events, or formal occasions. We create everyday professional attire that’s sure to impress. Newman Classics makes weddings easy. We help you create the perfect custom suit that fits flawlessly. Our team also helps you manage scheduling, so you can stay organised as you plan your ceremony. We’re here to make sure that everyone looks their best on your big day.